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Missing photos for Herd-Book

Are you missing a photo of a bull in the database? If you have it, just email it to us and we will upload it to the database. Do not forget to just state the state register of the bull, or its name and, if you deem it appropriate, also other details of the photo (date taken, etc.). When sending photos, please keep in mind that the Herd-Book database is the official output of ╚SCHMS, and therefore the quality of the images must meet certain criteria. Blurred, too small images or otherwise poor quality images will not be published. We also reserve the right not to publish photos of excessively dirty animals or animals taken in unsuitable conditions (e.g. dirty bedding, etc.). Likewise, do not send photos of bulls in an inappropriate position (in the middle of the herd or the whole bull is not visible, etc.).
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